Worksheet Warning Banner

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When a Worksheet displays an orange banner across the top when in the back office, ([Top menu]Profile (icon)Admin Settings[side menu] Schedule Worksheets Add/Edit), you are being advised that there is an anomoly in your Worksheet, ie you are asking for mandatory answers to be completed at a stage where there are no mandatory questions: This can be based on the selection of the completion time for any of:

  • Completion time for back office
  • Completion time for resource
  • Completion time for booking site

and where

  • the time when it is scheduled to take place occurs prior to the job ie 'Before driving to the job', 'Before starting the job' or 'Before completing the job'
  • there are no mandatory questions to answer.

The banner reads 'You have defined phases that require mandatory answers to work but there isn't any question with mandatory answer':