Setting a Recurrence Against a Job or Group of Jobs

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Once the date and time have been set, when viewing the job you will now see that you have the option to set a recurrence:



You can now decide on the intervals you wish to set up between recurrences.  Options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly or on a specific date each month:


Please note: When setting a recurrence for anything exceeding the weekly option, do bear in mind that if the date on which the job takes place differs from the date of recurrences,  the system will search for the next matching date, which might result in a job taking place more than once in a month initially, or else extending for a month longer than expected:

48.png 49.png

i.e., using our examples above, the initial job is set for the 4th of the month but the recurrences are set for the 1st. Ideally, both should match and be set for either the 4th or the 1st of the month.


Scenario 1- If the job and recurrence dates match and there are 6 recurrences scheduled:

  • The first job will take place on the 4th June
  • There will be 5 recurrences taking place on the 4th of the month, July-November ie 6 jobs in total.

Scenario 2 - If the job remains scheduled for 4th June, the recurrences remain scheduled for the 1st and there are 6 planned recurrences:

  • The first job will take place on the 4th of June
  • There will be 6 recurrences taking place on the 1st of the month July-December ie 7 jobs in total

When setting up recurrences, you are also able to select whether you would like the job to recur to Unscheduled jobs or to the same Resource, as well as whether you wish additional adjustments, eg if a job is rearranged to a different day, the change is copied to the entire series.



Troubleshooting Recurrences

If the recurrences are not displaying as expected on your Schedule, check the settings on the back office are set to show recurrences.

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[Quick links] General Account Settings:


Recurrences can also be set for jobs within a group:

Since the addition of Recurrence Patterns allows you to save your most commonly used recurrences and apply them without having to recreate them, they can so be set up in the back office and applied at an earlier stage through a Contract.

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[side menu] Schedule Recurrence patterns:

The dropdown list on a Contract's Job tab allows users to filter by Recurrence Patterns.