Mail Feature in CRM

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This article aims to guide users on how to effectively use the Mail feature of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Understanding this feature is crucial as it helps to organise and manage all your emails in one place, similar to how the Financial Documents and Sales Opportunities sections manage their respective content areas.


Navigating the Mail Section

The Mail section of the CRM collates all your emails in one place. It can be found by selecting "CRM" from the top menu, followed by "Mail" in the side menu.

This feature allows you to have a unified view of all your email communications, making it easier to manage and track.

Using Filters in the Mail Section

You can use filters in the Mail section to isolate and extract the required emails. These filters can be applied based on date, status, group, or contact. Once you have filtered and obtained the desired list, you can then proceed to use the various options available.

Mail 1.png

Options Available in the Mail Section

Once you have the desired list of emails, you can choose from the following options:

- Open Contact: This option allows you to open the Contact to access full information.
- Financial Document: This option allows you to view a financial document associated with this email. Where one does not exist, the option will instead read 'View Job'.
- Forward: This allows you to forward the email to specified addresses.
- Resend: This option resends the email to the original addressee(s).

Mail 2.png


Understanding and utilising the Mail section in BigChange CRM can significantly improve your email management efficiency. By using filters and the various options available, you can easily access, forward, resend emails, and view associated financial documents or jobs.