Using the Knowledge Base

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This article aims to guide users on how to effectively use the Knowledge Base to enhance business operations. The Knowledge Base can serve as an archive for internal documents and a tool for internal training, making it a valuable resource for businesses.


Creating a Knowledgebase Article

To create a knowledgebase article, select "CRM" from the top menu, followed by "Knowledgebase" from the side menu, and then "New article"


Importance of Knowledgebase Article Titles and Tags

A well-chosen title (1) and a careful selection of tags( 3) can significantly improve the user experience. These elements help users quickly find the information they need. Remember, you can use up to three tags per article.

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Content of a Knowledgebase Article

The body of the article can include various elements to make it more informative and engaging (2). These can include:

  • Tables: To organise data in a clear and concise manner.
  • Links: To provide additional resources or references.
  • Images and Videos: To visually illustrate points and make the content more engaging.

Audience Selection for Knowledgebase Articles

When creating a knowledgebase article, select "internal" as the audience (4). This ensures that the content is accessible to the correct users.

Attaching Files and Documents to Knowledgebase Articles

You can attach relevant documents to your knowledgebase articles (5). This feature can be particularly useful when the article refers to specific documents or when additional resources are needed.

Identifying Recently Updated Knowledgebase Articles

The 'Updated' column provides information on when articles were last updated. This feature helps users to identify the most recent information.



The Knowledge Base is a powerful tool that can enhance business operations when used effectively. By carefully selecting article titles and tags, creating engaging content, correctly selecting the audience, attaching relevant documents, and keeping track of updates, you can make the most of this resource.