Outlook Add-In Installation & System Requirements

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This article provides a comprehensive guide on the system requirements and installation process for the Microsoft Outlook Add-in for BigChange. 

System Requirements for the BigChange Add-in

The Outlook Add-in requires version 1.5 of the Microsoft application programming interface (API). This means you need Exchange Online via Office 365. If you are unsure, please contact your IT department or Microsoft, who can offer advice on API versions.  You may find the support article below useful on deploying an Add-in on a supported version of a self-hosted Exchange useful


The version of Outlook used for emails must also comply with these requirements:

- For Mac users: Office 2016 or later (including Office 365)
- For Windows users: Office 2019 or later (including Office 365)

Installation of the BigChange Add-in

The BigChange Add-in can be installed in two ways:

1. Via the Office365 Admin portal: This method is suitable for companies with their own IT department.

For information on how you can remove, update and edit add-ins using the Admin portal, visit the following support page on the Microsoft website: https://bigchan.ge/ms365-addin-deployment

2. Locally through Outlook: This method is suitable for companies without an in-house IT department.

Open Outlook and whilst on the Home screen, select the "get Add-ins" icon. 1.png

A new Add-in popup window will now have opened. Type 'BigChange' into the search box and select "BigChange for Email".2.png

Select "Add" and then "Continue".3.png

A confirmation popup will open verifying the addition of the Add-in. Selecting "Get started"' will open an additional screen requesting you to login. Enter your BigChange login details.


Once your login details have been verified, the Add-in will appear in both your "my Add-ins" section and on the Outlook Home ribbon.