Using the Outlook Add-In

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This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the Outlook Add-in. This tool allows users to attach selected emails to Notes within the CRM, facilitating remote working and centralised information storage.

This article covers the following topics:

  • Note Functions Within the Add-in
  • Viewing the Note within BigChange

Note Functions Within the Add-in

Once activated, the Add-in performs several functions automatically:

1. Loading a Note where a previous email has been attached.


2. Searching the CRM for the email address and loading any contacts containing it.

3. Displaying a search box if no contact is found or if a previous email in the same thread has not been attached.


4. Providing options to create a Note from within the Add-in, or selecting from recent Notes created.



Additional functions

The Add-in also allows users to perform several BigChange functions without leaving Outlook. These include:

  1. Changing the person's name against the Note.
  2. Changing the Note owner.
  3. Adding ‘additional comments’.
  4. Amending the due date and time.
  5. Changing the status and adding completion details.
  6. Updating progress.
  7. Adding a flag where these have been set up by Administrators.
  8. After entering the required details, select the "Import Email to JobWatch" button.


Viewing the Note within BigChange

Once the email has been imported, a confirmation message will be displayed showing the Note reference and an option to view the Note within BigChange.


The Note can be accessed later by entering the Note reference in the "search" box in the top menu of BigChange.


An entry will have been created in the dialogue section of the note, with the additional comments added at the top.

13.pngOpening the dialogue entry shows the first few lines of the email, with the option of viewing a version of (1) the email rendered as a PDF, along with (2) any attachments. 


The BigChange Microsoft Outlook Add-in is a powerful tool that enhances email management and facilitates remote working. By following the steps outlined in this article, users can maximise the benefits of this feature.