Understanding and Utilising Timesheets

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This article provides a guide on how to effectively utilise BigChange timesheets. Timesheets are an essential tool for all businesses, regardless of whether they pay staff on an hourly basis or not. They are instrumental in identifying working patterns and ensuring compliance with Working Time Regulations (WTR) through the use of reports.


Back Office Set Up

Before your workforce can start completing timesheets, certain settings need to be configured. These settings can be found by:

  • Navigating to [Top menu] Profile (icon) Admin Settings General Settings.
  • Under the ‘Other device settings’ header.
  1. Whether or not you would like it to be obligatory for mobile workers to start their timesheet before they can start a job. This is typically enabled by most companies to ensure that timesheet completion is not overlooked.
  2. Whether or not you would like it to be obligatory for mobile workers to end work and sign off their timesheet before being able to log out of the JobWatch app for the reasons mentioned above. For companies who wish for different users to sign in on the same device, this option should be left as ‘no’ to allow users to log out, enabling others to log in.
  3. There is also the option for your mobile workers to be able to edit the time when entering a timesheet activity such as their start time. When this option is disabled, the device time will be used, if the option is set to yes, the resource will be able to set the time to a time that has already passed (for example, started work 30 minutes ago, not start work in 30 minutes time).



Filling in the Timesheet

After entering their Driver ID, the mobile worker must select the timesheet option.

Timesheets - 3.png

They will then be presented with a screen where they must select the start work option.

Timesheets - 4.pngIf you have enabled the option for resources to edit timesheet activities, they will be presented with a date and time picker.

Timesheets - 5.png Timesheets - 6.png

Once the mobile worker has entered their start time, they can then add activities such as breaks by tapping on the ‘Add Activity’ button.

Timesheets - 6b.png

Tapping on an activity will prompt you to agree a start time (assuming you have enabled ability to edit timesheet activities, or else the device time will be used).

Timesheets - 7.png

 Once the activity has ended, click on ‘Stop Activity’:

Timesheets - 8.png

Once the mobile worker has ended their shift they must select 'End Work':

Timesheets - 9.png

At the end of the working week, the resource should sign their timesheet by pressing ‘Sign Timesheet’:

Timesheets - 10.png

They should (1) Enter any additional Notes if required, (2) Enter a signature in the signature box, and (3) tap OK to submit:

Timesheets - 11.png

Once a timesheet activity has been entered, it cannot be edited. 


Timesheet Reporting

To view timesheet information, please go into the Reports section of BigChange. We currently offer four different types of Timesheet Reports, each providing a different presentation of the information.



If we take the Timesheet Report as an example, you can clearly see that the comments written by the resource and their signature have been added.

3. Timesheets.png


Showing the Owner of the Status of the Timesheet

Traceability is crucial in any business, so knowing the last person to edit a timesheet is extremely useful. This can be done by navigating to:

  1. [Top menu] Fleet & resources  
  2. [Side menu] Resources [Side menu] Filter (Name of resource)
  3. Select a resource and View.

4. Timesheets.png

Once you have opened the Resource, click on the Timesheet tab


You will now see that if you click to Edit an activity the Owner ie the last person to add to the Timesheet, is named



Timesheet History

You can find a history for the activities of the current or previous weeks where a resource has completed their Timesheet activity on the BigChange app. To access the Timesheet history on the app.

  • Navigate to Timesheet (side menu) Timesheet history (right-hand side menu).

Timesheets - 19.png

Timesheets - 20.png

You will be able to see the Start and End times there.

To navigate between the different weeks, click on the arrows located on the right-hand side.

Timesheets - 21.png

The figure shown in bracket next to Start Work is the total shift time for that particular shift.

The figure next to End Work is a calculation based on the time from the end of the previous shift to the start of the current / next shift.

Timesheets - 22.png



Understanding and utilising timesheets in BigChange can help businesses track working patterns, ensure compliance with regulations, and maintain traceability. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively set up, fill in, and report on timesheets in your organisation.