Staff Annual Leave with Absence Types

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This article provides a quick start guide on how to effectively manage your staff's annual leave using BigChange. It is crucial to have a reliable system in place for leave management to ensure smooth operations and maintain employee satisfaction.


Setting up Absence Types in BigChange

BigChange allows you to create different absence types for better leave management. To set up an absence type, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Profile icon.
  2. Navigate to Admin settings.
  3. From the side menu, select Resources.
  4. Click on Absence Types.
  5. Click on Add and complete the popup by entering an absence type and a colour for flagging purposes.
  6. If you do not want the specific absence type to be deducted from the resources allowance, untick 'Deduct from allowance'

absence type 1.png


Requesting Annual Leave through BigChange

Annual leave can be requested through either the BigChange website or via a device. This feature allows employees to easily request leave, and managers to promptly receive and manage these requests.

BigChange website Device
AbsType2.png AbsType1.png


Approving Leave Requests

BigChange not only shows leave on the schedule but also keeps a tally of the number of absences requested by each Resource. It calculates how much holiday has been taken and how much is still available, providing a clear overview of leave management.




Managing staff annual leave is a crucial aspect of resource management. BigChange software simplifies this process by allowing you to set up absence types, request leave, and approve it all within the program. It provides a clear overview of leave taken and available, ensuring smooth operations and employee satisfaction.