Annual Leave and Setting Holiday Year Start Date

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This article provides a quick guide on how to view and manage the number of days vacation taken or remaining for a resource in BigChange. It also explains how to set the start of the holiday year for your resources. This is crucial for effective resource management and planning.


Viewing the Number of Days Vacation Taken/Remaining for a Resource

To view the number of days vacation taken or remaining for a resource:

  • Navigate to [Topn menu] Fleet & resources → [side menu] Resources
  • Select the resource to open thier card.

The 'Number of days vacation' field shows the number of days annual leave allocated to the Resource.


The Absences tab shows:

  1. Total number of days of annual leave remaining.
  2. Total number of days annual leave which the Resource has already taken or booked off based on the date range selected in the From and To boxes.



Changing the Parameters for Annual Leave Calculation

BigChange allows you to change the parameters for annual leave calculation. The system can calculate the annual leave from any date you require, rather than only on a default calendar year basis. To adjust the 'Start of holiday year' date, go to the Detail tab.


Setting the Start of the Holiday Year for a Resource

To set a date for the start of the holiday year for a resource: 

  • Navigate to [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → [Side menu] Resources.
  • Select [Side menu] ‘Add-edit’ to display a list of your resources.
  • Select a resource you wish to add a date for
  • Select ‘Edit’ to open their pop-up.

You will find a “Start of the holiday year” field to complete. Click Save to apply the changes.




Managing annual leave and setting the start of the holiday year for resources in BigChange is straightforward. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure effective resource management and planning in your organisation.