Creating Absences Status Alerts

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to create absence status alerts in BigChange for when a resource requests an absence. This feature is crucial for effective resource management and ensuring smooth operations.


Navigating to the Alerts Section

To create an alert for when a resource absences:

  • Navigate to: [Top men] AlertsCreate a New Alert.



Creating a New Alert

Upon selection, a dialogue box will appear, enabling you to create the alert of your choice.

1. Send an alert when:

  • Who - Select either Any resource, Individual resource or a group of resources.


  • What - This will be 'Has an absence (select a status)'


  • Select a status of either Requested, Approved, Rejected or Queried



2. Select recipient(s)

Choosing the Alert Delivery Method

Decide how you wish the Alert to be sent, whether through SMS, email, device or popup. Please note that SMS is charged at £0.05 per message + VAT.



  • Send to - If you start adding the name of either a resource or web user it will populate a list of names and you will see the icons to the left, where you are able to choose how the recipient will recieve the alert.


  • You can also - Select the 'Click here to add dynamic reciepients', here you are given some more choices.



3. Review or edit the message that will be sent.

For SMS, Device or Popup the message section allows you can add a custom message. If you choose email you will be given the option to add a custom template (see 4. below)  

Message - The text in the blue boxes is what is call dynamic, these will pull through current information from the system at the specific time of triggering the alert.

For example:

  • 13:15 - Will pull the date/time.
  • John Smith - Will pull the resouces name who the alert is about.
  • Requested - is the status you set on the alert above.
  • 16/04/2024 - is the from & to date of the alert.

Any of the text in black can be changed to suite.


If you choose to use the message field within the alert popup as you email a new field will appear giving you a choose to add a email subject.



4. Using a Customised Email Body Template

If you create an Alert that is sent as an email, you have the additional option of using a customised email body template, rather than the standard message provided. Select your preferred template from the dropdown menu in the field Email body template/SMS template.



Setting Up a Template for the Alert

If you wish to use a Template, you will first need to create it in the back office and set the usage for email and/or text.

To set-up a Template: 

  • Navigate to the [Top menu] Profile (Icon) → Admin Settings → [Side menu] Account → Templates. From here, you can create the template and Save. Now click on the Template to reopen it and move over to the Usage tab on the top right and add ‘Alert – Email’ or ‘Alert – SMS’ as the type.



Completing the Alert Setup

Complete the Alert as desired. The example below can be copied for ease and will result in the manager of the person requesting an absence, receiving an email Alert.




Creating an absence request alert in BigChange is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance resource management within your organisation. Follow the steps outlined in this article to set up your own alerts and ensure smooth operations.