Understanding Vehicle Attributes

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This article provides a guide on how to understand and utilise vehicle attributes in BigChange. Vehicle attributes are characteristics equivalent to skills for resources, and they play a crucial role in job scheduling and resource allocation.

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Understanding Vehicle Attributes

Vehicle attributes in BigChange, such as 'sleeper cabin', 'curtain sider', 'tail lift', etc. These attributes are similar to resource skills and are used to set restrictions for job scheduling.



Setting Up Vehicle Attributes

To set up vehicle attributes, navigate to

  • [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin settings → [Quick Links] Manage your vehicles → Vehicle attributes.

By selecting Add you can specify the custom attributes for vehicles.



Using Vehicle Attributes for Job Scheduling

Vehicle attributes can be used to set restrictions for job scheduling. For instance, if a tail lift is required for a specific job, this can be specified when setting up a Job Type. Consequently, only vehicles with the attribute 'tail lift' will be considered for allocation. This can be setup by navigating to:

  • [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin settings → [Quick Links] Manage job types → (once in a specific job type select the contraints tab.



Filtering with Vehicle Attributes in the Scheduling Assistant

Vehicle attributes can also be used as a filter when using the Scheduling Assistant. This feature allows you to narrow down your vehicle options based on specific attributes, making the scheduling process more efficient and accurate.




Understanding and utilising vehicle attributes in BigChange can significantly enhance your job scheduling and resource allocation processes. By setting up specific attributes for each vehicle, you can ensure that the right resources are allocated to the right jobs, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.