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This article provides a guide on how to utilise vehicle checks tick sheets and reports in BigChange. It is crucial for businesses to ensure their vehicles are in good condition before embarking on jobs. BigChange offers a customisable checklist feature for this purpose.

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What are vehicle checks and where can I find them?

The vehicle checks in BigChange refer to the system's ability to track and monitor the condition and usage of vehicles in a fleet. There are 2 ways to do vehicle checks:

  1. Vehicle Check TickSheet (which will be covered in this article)
  2. Vehicle Check Worksheets (Please refer to the Check worksheet article for more detail)

Using Vehicle check Worksheets instead of TickSheets allows you to customise your questions and create a more in-depth flow depending on your requirements. We recommend the use of the Worksheets option where possible.  Your device will need to be running the JobWatch app on version 5.16 on Android and 6.11 on iOS, or later, in order to use the worksheets option.

 You can setup Vehicle Checks by navigating to:

  • [Top menu] Profile (icon) > Admin setting > [Side menu] Vehicles > Vehicle check > [Tab] TickSheet


Checks can be grouped into categories, allowing you to make them as generic or specific as you like eg 'vehicles', 'forklifts'. By default, the list will be organised in alphabetical order within each category. If you would like them to appear in a specific order, you can simply add a number before each defect you add:



 Creating and Managing Vehicle Checklists

Vehicle checks are customisable checklists that can be completed at the start of the day before driving to jobs. Each item to be checked is referred to as a ‘defect’. When a defect is reported, the system will log the defect as ‘open’ on the vehicle until it is marked as resolved.

When adding a defect, select 'Add' in the 'Vehicle Check' section and complete the form as desired. 


Adding a Defect

To add a defect, select 'Add' in the 'Vehicle Check' section and complete the form as desired. If you check the 'At risk' box, this will categorise the result as high risk and can form the basis of an Alert.

Fleet - 9.png

If you check the 'At risk' box, this will categorise the result as high risk and can form the basis of an Alert, if desired or for some defects, a more appropriate response could be a photograph, eg scratches to bodywork.

Once you have finished, click Send so that your Resources receive the updates.



Setting Alerts for High-Risk Defects

To set an Alert for high-risk defects, navigate: Alert → Alerts Programmed.


Many companies opt to enforce completion of a vehicle safety check daily and simplify the process by enabling a 'check all' option when there are no issues.

This can be achieved by:

  • Navigating: [Top menu] Profile (Icon) Admin settings [Quick Links] General Account Settings → [section] Other Device Settings:

Fleet - 12.png


Generating and Exporting Vehicle Reports

BigChange offers a comprehensive reports suite that collates and displays information collected during the general use of the system. The vehicle section includes reports on vehicle checks, defects reported, and the MPG figures of the fleet.

The vehicle section is shown below:

Fleet - 13.png

Clicking on one of the reports will open a new screen:

Fleet - 14.png

  1. To see a quick snapshot report, click Report → [side menu] Display and filter using the relevant information → View.
  2. This report can then be exported by clicking Export and selecting your preferred method from the options shown. Emailed documents will be in pdf format.
  3. This allows you to schedule a Report


Example reports are shown below:


 Sample Driver Check Report

The Driver check report enables users to view driver checks completed by resources from tablets.

Fleet - 16.png


Sample Defect Report

The Defect report consists of logged defects. The defects are logged by resources and can be resolved by web users. The report also looks at archived defects for specific vehicles. 


Fleet - 17.png


Sample Vehicle Consumption & Emission Report.

The Vehicle Consumption & Emission Report gives users the ability to view and compare driving data such as distance travelled and idling times. If fuel data is imported or collected by CAN MPG can also be reported on.

Fleet - 18.png


Scheduling a Report

This allows you to schedule a Report to be sent in advance or regularly, direct to your inbox. Click 'Schedule' on the side menu and then the 'Create Schedule' icon.

Fleet - 15.png 


Understanding how to utilise vehicle checks and reports in BigChange is essential for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your fleet. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure your vehicles are in good condition, set alerts for high-risk defects, and generate comprehensive reports on your fleet's performance.