Fleet (Vehicle) & Resources Reports

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This article provides a guide on how to understand and utilise various reports available in BigChange, including the Driver Behaviour Report, Journey Cost Report, Fuel and Emissions Report, and the process of importing and exporting data. These reports are crucial for fleet management, cost analysis, and environmental impact assessment.


Driver Behaviour Report

The Driver Behaviour Report displays the total distance, mpg, amount of CO2 produced, and cruise time for each resource. The cruise time is also shown as a percentage of driving time.

Fleet - 33.png


Journey Cost Report

The Journey Cost Report provides information on the total distance, driving time, CO2, mpg, and total fuel used for each vehicle.

Fleet - 34.png


Fuel and Emissions Report

The Fuel and Emissions Report shows the total distance, driving time, cruise active time, total fuel, mpg, and CO2 for each vehicle.

Fleet - 35.png


Importing Fuel Reports

To import your fuel report database into BigChange, you need to prepare your data for import. This involves copying the database, ensuring the data is presented uniformly, and using the BigChange template for import. Once the data is prepared, you can import it into BigChange through the 'Import fuel transactions' option under Fleet & Resources.

Please refer to the How to import fueld reports article for more detail.


Exporting a CSV

To export a CSV, click on the export icon, choose how to open it (Microsoft Excel by default), and click 'Ok'. Your file will automatically open.

To export a CSV simply click on the icon:

Fleet - 55.png

Decide how to open it - it will be Microsoft Excel by default:

Fleet - 56.png

And finally, click 'Ok'. Your file will automatically open:

Fleet - 57.png



Understanding and utilising the various reports available in BigChange can significantly enhance your fleet management, cost analysis, and environmental impact assessment. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can effectively import and export data for your reports.