Understanding CANbus

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This article provides an understanding of CANbus, its relevance to fleet operators, and how it integrates with BigChange software.


What is CANbus?

CANbus, or 'Controller Area Network', is a high-speed, serial data bus designed for machine control solutions. It is widely used in the automotive industry to facilitate communication and control between various onboard systems.

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What does it give us?

CANbus provides several parameters that are of interest to fleet operators, including:

  • Odometer (vehicle mileage)
  • Fuel used
  • Fuel level (fuel tank gauge)
  • Driving time
  • Time in cruise


How do we get to the data?

Accessing CANbus data requires additional hardware, specifically a Squarell 'Flex' device. This device connects to the BigChange tracking device and uses a contactless pickup, called a CANcliQ, to collect data from the vehicle without any electrical connection.

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Where can I see the data in BigChange?

The data collected from CANbus, such as odometer, fuel used, and fuel level, are displayed directly on the BigChange website and used in various calculations in reports. The units displayed for distance and fuel consumption depend on the settings selected in the user's account.

  • Navigate to [Top menu] Profile (icon) > Profile > Units


Main Dashboard

The ‘Total Mileage’ widget reflects the total of the odometer changes (start-of-day to end-of-day) across your entire fleet.

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The average fuel consumption for each day across the fleet is shown in the ‘Average cons.’ widget.

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Understanding CANbus and its integration with BigChange software is crucial for fleet operators. It provides valuable data that can help in managing and monitoring fleet performance.