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The BigChange Map

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This article provides an in-depth guide on how to effectively navigate and utilise the Map section of the BigChange Job Management System. The Map is a powerful tool that enables real-time tracking of resources and vehicles, customer location viewing, territory allocation, and much more.

Does your navigation menu bar look like this? 

Read our Support article about changes we are making, New BigChange Navigation Bar – BigChange


Accessing the Map

The Map can be accessed either via the Dashboard view or the dedicated Map link on the top menu.


 Information within one area of BigChange is shared with all others, ensuring that changes in one area will immediately be updated everywhere, simultaneously. This seamless integration is subject to the permissions or restrictions set by your company's system administrator.


Map Icons and menus

Now let's look at the black banner menu which appears across the top left of the Map itself:



Map Icon Meaning








Save Map As Image


 The drop-down menus beneath 'View' and 'Search' differ slightly, depending on the selection which you have made between 'Vehicles' and 'Resources' but the meaning of the icons themselves remain static.



Viewing Resources

When you click on the Resources icon, BigChange allows you to see the current location of all tracked employees. The side menu displays the Group headers you have created in the back office. Each category name acts as a folder front and clicking on a category will open it, revealing all the information within it. You can view all resources in all categories or focus on a single category at a time.


  • Red – Resource is stopped

  • Yellow –Resource is idling

  • Blue – Resource is driving but not to a job

  • Green – Resource is driving to a job

  • Purple – Resource is on a job

The same icon displayed against their name in the list view is shown on the Map, providing a visual guide to their location.  Hovering over the icon on the Map will show you the name label:


If you click on the Resource name in the List entry, it will open up further details and options:



1. Show Journey - Clicking on this will open a Journey tab displaying a detailed breakdown of the time, distance and cost of the journey:


It will also show the breakdown of the journey, with numbers against the different stages:


These are then displayed on the Map and hovering over them will show the Resource's eta at that stage of the journey:


2. Show Jobs - This will show the day's Jobs for this Resource on the Map.

3. Send a message - This will open a popup window enabling you to send a message directly to the phone, device, etc of the Resource:


4. Hyper Track - this can only track when the Resource is travelling at speed, tracking their position more frequently and adding them to the map for an accurate, real-time reading.

5. Create contact here - this allows you to create a Contact from this screen which will automatically upload to the CRM.

6. Nearest Resources - This option brings up a list of other Resources in order of proximity to the location in question. An accompanying filter allows you to view which have these have moved within 'x' hours for more accurate results


7. What's nearby? - provides a snapshot of local businesses and points of interest.


8. Who was there? - Displays which other Resources were in the vicinity

9. Add to route planner - Click on a point on the map to add it to the journey plan. It will then appear in the side menu with driving directions.


10.Street View - provides a visual street view of the current location/destination using Google earth



Utilising the Search Icon

The Search icon is a versatile tool that allows you to search for a Resource, Address, Contact or Point of Interest (POI) on the map. The additional options available vary depending on the choice you make. For instance, you can quickly create a new Contact or set up a Quick Job when searching for an address.



  1. Search for a Resource:


 2. Search for an address - Options here include allowing you to quickly create a new Contact and set up a Quick Job: map-22.png

 3. Search by Contact - Here you can quickly change a Contact's details, eg address should they move premises, or look for new prospects in the vicinity when visiting a Contact, so that you can manage a Resource's time more efficiently. map-23.png

 4. Search by Points of Interest map-24.png


Understanding the View Icon

The View icon allows you to toggle between Road, Aerial and Ordnance Survey viewing options. The Ordnance Survey view should only be used when the location is not viewable through the other methods. If you need to use this option, please contact Support to request that it is enabled for your account.


The first 2 options will be the most beneficial for the majority of users. The Ordnance Survey view should only be used when the location is not viewable through the other methods, eg delivery to a field on a farm.

*If you need to use this option, please contact Support by submitting a support request by using the messaging feature; this can be accessed either by selecting "Submit a ticket" from the top menu navigation bar on the Help Centre home page, or by selecting the messaging icon located at the bottom right of your screen to request that it is enabled for your account. 

You might also want to look at the What3Words option. You can put together quick overviews of your Resources using a number of filter options:


Search for Contacts by group or by label eg name, phone number, etc


View, edit or create territories as well as colour-code them. For further information on creating territories, see the separate section of this article:


Search by Job details. Jobs will be represented on the map by a flag with colours of the flag matching those of the job on the schedule.


Search for specific stock items and locate them:


You can also view live traffic.




Exploring Miscellaneous Controls

These include the Zoom function, which allows you to zoom in and out as required, the Full screen function, which lets you toggle between the default view and full screen, and the Pegman function, which you can drag to the required position on the map to open the street view of that location.




The BigChange Map is a robust tool that provides real-time tracking of resources and vehicles, as well as a host of other functions. By understanding how to navigate and use the Map, you can maximise the efficiency and productivity of your operations.