Group Territories

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to group territories for better map viewing options in BigChange. This new feature enhances the user experience by providing more flexibility and control over territory management.


Where to find Territory Groups Admin Settings?

Navigate to [Top Menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → [Side menu] → Contacts and NotesTerritory groups.


Creating a Territory Group

To create a territory group, follow these steps:

  • Select Add at the top.
  • A small pop-up will appear, allowing you to name and save a new group.



Adding Territories to a Group

After creating a territory group, you can add territories to it:

  1. Go to your Map (Top menu)
  2. Select the eye icon.
  3. Hover over “Territories” and a sub-menu will appear.
  4. Select ‘Manage’ to open a new side menu “Territories”.



From here, you can edit/add your territories and define what groups they belong to.

You can either create a new territory and select the group you want to add it to, or you can click to edit an existing territory and select a group from the drop-down.



Viewing Group Territories on the Map

To view your grouped territories on the map:

  1. On the map, ensure the Territories box is ticked (eye icon menu).
  2. Use the drop-down “Group” box to choose which territory groups are visible on your map.




Grouping territories in BigChange provides an efficient way to manage and view territories. By following these steps, you can easily create, add, and view territory groups, enhancing your overall user experience.