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Introducing the messaging feature of BigChange; a powerful tool enabling you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your resources and web users. With this feature, you can easily stay connected with your team, whether they are out in the field, or in the office.

Does your navigation menu bar look like this? 

Read our Support article about changes we are making, New BigChange Navigation Bar – BigChange


Messages are non-customer facing, and act as internal communications; currently they can be sent:

  • Web user to web user
  • Web user to resource
  • Resource to web user

You can send and receive messages in real-time, in several formats, including by text (SMS), directly to a device within the BigChange app, allowing you to respond quickly to any changes or updates.

Using resource groups, you can also communicate with groups of people, such as teams and departments. To learn more about resource groups, refer to the Help Centre article Resources.

As a web user within BigChange, to notify you that you’ve received a message, you will see a notification icon appear over the Messages tab in the top menu. The number signifies the number of unread messages.


Viewing Messages

To read your messages, select the “Messages” from the top menu.

1. Messages in BigChange.PNG

Using the Display side menu, you can apply the following filters:



  • My messages – this displays all messages either sent to me or sent by me.
  • Sent by me – this displays all messages sent by me.
  • Sent to me – this displays all messages sent to me.

Sent On

  • All – displays all messages regardless of the date they were sent.
  • Today – display all messages sent on today’s date.
  • This week – displays all messages sent in that calendar week.
  • Other – Displays all messages sent from a selected time period.


  • Group messages by thread– displays messages in the thread they are associated with. e.g. Messages with replies will appear together as a thread.
  • Unread only – displays only messages that are marked as unread
  • With replies only – displays only messages that have received replies.

By using a combination of these filters, you can locate the messages most relevant to you, reducing the time taken to manually search.

Should you view messages with certain characteristics frequently, such as “Sent to me”, “Today” and “Unread Only”, you can save this as a favourite view, removing the need to manually set the filters.”



Sending Messages as a Web User

To send a message as a web user, navigate to the Messages tab, select “Send a message” and begin typing a web user, resource, or resource group; the icons correspond to the key above the “to” box.

2. Messages in BigChange.png


Please note, SMS are chargeable, whereas sending to device will send a message to the app, and will use only data to retrieve the message from the resource’s device.

When selecting “Device”, you can define response options and a sending time. This will improve efficiency for resources where a response is required and allow you to schedule the message for sending at an appropriate time.

When sending to a web user, the message looks very similar to an email. Send a message to a web user by typing the name of an existing web user in the box labelled “to”, giving the message a subject and body text, and select “Send”.



Sending Messages as an App User

To send a message from the app on a device, navigate to “Messages” from the Dashboard screen, and select “New Message”.



Enter the details of the person you wish to send the message to.

Give your message a title by entering relevant information into the “Subject” field.

Enter the details of your message in the “Write Message” field.

Finally, when all the fields have been populated with information, select “Send Message”.


Please note, app users can only send / reply to messages if this has been enabled by their system administrator.

To enable app users to send messages from their device, navigate to [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin SettingsResources [side menu]Phone BookResource Group

From the “Messages” column, select the web user groups that can be messaged by resources from their devices. For example, if you choose to only allow messages to be sent from resources to managers, you may select a web user group titled “Managers”. This would allow a message to be sent from the app on a device to any named web user who is a member of the “Managers” web user group.

Once you have made your selections, select “Send” to update your resources devices.



Scheduling when messages are sent

Choose what date and time a message appears on a device

When sending a message to a resource, you can schedule the date and time at which it shows up on the resource’s device. This useful feature allows you to send messages to notify resources of non-job-related actions.

To schedule a message to a resource, navigate to the Messages tab and select “Send a message +”.

In the “To” box type in the name of the resource you wish to message (must be a resource’s device). Once a device name has been entered, additional options for your message will appear, including the opportunity to define when it should appear on the device.

Use the “Don’t send before” part of the pop-up to specify the date/time you want it to be delivered to the device.

Please note, to send the message instantly, leave the “don’t send before” section blank.



Urgent Messages Checkbox

BigChange is committed to improving road and driver safety and we are keenly aware of the dangers to members of the mobile workforce when receiving messages whilst driving. At the same time, we recognise that there may be occasions, for instance, when an assistant is on board, that the back office would wish to allow urgent messages to be sent through immediately.

We therefore offer two scenarios:

  1. As standard, the last checkbox on the Send Message screen below will be disabled:M8.png
  2. For scenarios where there are routinely two or more people on-board a vehicle, the back office will still be able to ensure urgent messages go straight out in the following way.

To do this, navigate to: [Top menu]Profile (icon)Admin Settings Accounts [side menu]  Account settings Website [section] Yes [Display “Urgent” checkbox in the message popup tick box].


Messages can then be created in the usual way; navigate to Messages [tab] Send a message +

If the “Urgent” tick box is ticked, the message will appear on the driver’s device immediately.



Mark Message as Unread

On the message list, you can mark a message as unread.

For messages sent to you (i.e. messages that you have permissions to change its status to ‘Read’ if you were to open and read it), you are able to revert a “read” message back to being “unread”.

To use this option, navigate to the Messages tab and locate the message you wish to mark as “unread”. Select a message, and if you have already read it, you will be given the option to “Mark Unread”.

3. Messages in BigChange.png

Select image to enlarge

Once you have marked the message as unread, you will see that the message’s icon will change back to the blue “new message” icon, as shown below:




Sending job confirmations and messages by SMS

! NB, SMS messages are charged at £0.05 + VAT per 160 characters, for each person messaged.


Sending job confirmations and messages by SMS

Jobs’ confirmations messages sent from a note popup, and messages sent from a Contact popup, can be sent not just by email, but also by SMS.

You will see the option at the top of the pop-up when opening a job confirmation or note/contact message. Simply choose between sending “Email” or “SMS” and the corresponding options below will appear for you to fill in (i.e. email address box for an email or mobile number box for an SMS).

Please note, that you can also create templates specifically designed for SMS.

To do this, navigate to [Top menu]Profile (icon)Admin Settings → Account [side menu] Templates



Sending Messages to a Resource Group as SMS

! NB, SMS messages are charged at £0.05 + VAT per 160 characters, for each person messaged.


Sending Messages to Resource Group as SMS

Need to get a message out to a whole group of individuals at once?

It can be done using “Resource Group Mobile” on the Message Tab.




Sending SMS in bulk

! NB, SMS messages are charged at £0.05 + VAT per 160 characters, for each person messaged.


Sending SMS in bulk

We all have overstuffed Inboxes and sometimes emails can be overlooked.  In the CRM, it is possible to use “Send All” to issue an SMS, including the option to use a template created with SMS, where it has been set as a usage option in Administration.

To do this, navigate to CRM → Contact[side menu] → Send all

4. Messages in BigChange.png

An example of a financial reminder is shown below, but it can be used for marketing, sales, etc in any place where “Send All” is available.




Creating an SMS Automation for alerts


! NB, SMS messages are charged at £0.05 + VAT per 160 characters, for each person messaged.


Creating an SMS Automation for alerts

 It is possible to create an SMS Automation to alert customers or colleagues when a triggering event occurs.

To do this, navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings General Account Settings [Quick Links menu]  Automation [side menu].

Stages of creating an example of a quotation expiring SMS automation is shown below: