Creating an alert

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Create an Alert

To create an Alert, navigate to Alerts [tab] Create a New Alert


Once you have selected this it will bring up the following dialogue box that will enable you to create the alert of your choice:


From here you can begin creating the type of Alert you wish to create by making your selection from each dropdown menu.

For each recipient, you will have the option of deciding how they will receive the Alert, whether through SMS, email, device or popup. Web User information for selection from the dropdown menu is taken from the information stored against the Resource, however information can also be added freehand.

When you reach section 2 "Select Recipients", you can select "Click here to add dynamic recipients".


A popup list will open allowing you to additionally add recipients by flag groups.


Please note, when making your selection, please be aware that SMS is charged at £0.05 per message + VAT.

If you create an Alert that is sent as an email, you have the additional option of using a customised email body template, rather than the standard message provided.

If you wish to use this, simply choose your preferred template from the drop-down menu of the field outlined below.


Please note, that selecting a template will override the email subject and message contents set in the first two sections.

If you wish to use a template, you will first need to create it in the back office and set the usage for email and/or text. To set-up a template, navigate to [Top menu]Profile (icon) → Admin Settings Account [side menu] Templates Add create your template Save.

Select your template to reopen it, and move over to the usage tab on the top right and add "Alert – Email" or "Alert – SMS’" as the type. This will make them discoverable when choosing a template for the Alert.




Common Alerts

Below you will find examples of some common alerts set-up that you may wish to replicate.

Vehicle Alerts


Defects Reported


Vehicle Maintenance Activity


Drives in London Ultra Low Emission Zone

N.B When creating an Alert of this type, you must first create a territory before it will appear in the dropdown menu.

  • Navigate to the Map Eye [icon] Territories [list] Manage Territories.

You can then choose to either create your own territory or import one from the preset suggestions. You can also edit either option to assign them different flag colours.



Resource Alerts


Skill Expiring


Requests an Absence


Idles for More than 5 Minutes


Drives (x) mph/kph over the speed limit OR Drives (x) mph/kph or over



Job Alerts


Job is Late to Start


Job is Confirmed


Job has a Quotation Accepted


Job has Answer at Risk

In order to successfully set this type of Alert up you must first create some answers at risk. To do this, navigate to [Top menu]Profile (icon) Admin Settings Schedule [side menu] WorkSheets view Question Answer at risk







Financial document Payment Due Alert