Getting started with Alerts

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Alerts are simple to set up and enable you to remain informed of the information which matters most to you, in real-time. Alerts operate across a variety of areas, including Vehicles and Resources, Jobs and Web Users and can be created for either a single or regular occurrence, helping you to be more proactive in your business. 

Does your navigation menu bar look like this? 

Read our Support article about changes we are making, New BigChange Navigation Bar – BigChange


Getting Started

Alerts are setup and held in the Alerts tab of BigChange:

1. Alerts.PNG

You will now see three different areas relating to Alerts:  'Create a new Alert', 'Alerts Raised' and 'Alerts Programmed':

2. Alerts.png



White Labelling

Before setting up alerts, you must ensure that your White Labelling has been set up correctly.

White Labelling is the process through which any emails that you send via the BigChange website appear to come from your own preferred company email address, eg, rather than from This is an essential step, ensuring that your outgoing correspondence and all subsequent incoming replies, go through your own email address, rather than to the default address,  (, which is an unmonitored mailbox.

To set up White Labelling:

  1. Navigate to: (1) [Top menu]Profile (icon) (2) Admin Settings.
    3. Alerts.png
  2. Scroll down until you find the White Labelling section and then enter the appropriate details.  After entering your details (you may need to hit the enter key on your keyboard) you will see 'Saved!' appear in green text next to the information, indicating that the details have been auto-saved. A button will also have appeared asking you to confirm your email address.A4.png
  3. Select the 'Confirm your email address' button and a new popup message will appear.
  4. You will then receive an email from Amazon Web Services (AWS) asking you to verify your email address.  You must select the link within 24 hours to complete the setup process.A6.png
  5. Once you select the link, you will be taken to the AWS website and receive a message confirming that your White Labelling has been successfully set up.A7.png



Alerts Raised & Programmed

Alerts Raised

Once created, Alerts can be viewed by selecting the Alerts Raised option and then various filters can be selected.


  1. The recipient of the Alert
  2. The resource which the Alert relates to
  3. The type of Alert
  4. The date on which the Alert was sent
  5. The number of Alerts displayed

Selecting an alert will give you options to either Read, Comment, View (this opens the item causing the Alert) or Delete.

4. Alerts.png

Please note, some of these options may not be present, depending upon your permissions.

Alerts Programmed


Filters for Alerts Programmed allow you to filter by:

  1. Alert creator
  2. Alert recipient
  3. The resource the Alert relates to
  4. The type of Alert
  5. Whether or not the Alert is currently Active
  6. The number of Alerts displayed

You can also view all the Alerts that have been programmed and see the number of times they have been triggered.

Selecting an Alert will give you options to either Edit, Deactivate, or permanently Delete.

5. Alerts.png





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