Template headers and footers

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In most instances, you will wish to personalise your emails by the addition of your own details and/or logos. To add either a Header or Footer, press Click to edit:


You can now add text, tables, images etc as required. For example, in the Header below, a logo has been added - this can be done by copy and pasting the image URL via pictures:


If you are unsure of your logo URL, you can find it by navigate to: [Top menu]Profile (icon)Admin SettingsAccount settings[section] Account details.


Once you have added everything you would like in this section of your Template, click  Save and close. Now reopen the template and attribute a Usage(s) to it so that it is easily applied and discoverable: 1)Usage →+Add2) Default format eg email3) Type eg Financial documentcomplete the additional fields which will pop up, depending on your selectionSave →Close:


You can now preview your Template to check that you are happy with it by selecting it in the list view and clicking on Preview:

1. Templates.PNG

This will download a copy that will appear on your screen and can then simply be clicked on to open:

2. Templates.png

Please note, the location of download varies depending upon the browser you are using.

If you save this as a basic template and then click duplicate each time you create a new template, the header and footer will always be populated without having to repeat this process!