Template limitations

  • Updated

There are certain limitations that apply to the internal editor template creator, which are not applicable when using the Word Add-In.

  • Complex Spreadsheets

It is possible to create basic tables within the Template module, however formatting of lines, merging cells and cell fills is not possible.

  • Large Text Documents

JobWatch can be used to create documents that contain large quantities of text, however, it has not been designed as a Word processor. Formatting of bullet points, columns, fonts numbering styles are limited.

  • Nesting Templates/Sub-templates

The online editor has the functionality to add subtemplates so that the content repeats. The exact number of subtemplates that can be used within the system depends on the contents, however, templates with particularly high numbers may take time, or fail to render. If this occurs we recommend that the number of subtemplates is reduced, or the route of using a bespoke report is explored.

  • When a Bespoke Report is Required

Many customers of BigChange use the standard JobCard and Financial document offerings as these have a clean layout and provide for all of the variables which they require. However, some customers have had customised corporate branding applied to all documents which are produced. These may include custom-made layouts, fonts, graphics and colours which are difficult to reproduce using the template feature. In almost all such cases, for the benefit of these customers, our Professional Services Team can quote and replicate any existing documents, providing a professional finish, perfect for those more complex layouts.