Example Template Ideas

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To help you understand some of the ways in which templates can be used, here is a selection of the different document types you can create:

Create a template for... What is this?
Job confirmation message Create a template message for all or individual job types.  These can be set up to automatically send your chosen message as a job confirmation email - extremely useful as you can use a keyword to include a ‘job confirmation link’.
Header and Footer Create your perfect headers and footers and then save them as a ‘standard’ template.  When you want to create a new template, simply press duplicate and the headers and footers will already be in place.
Job Card (for single or multiple jobs) Create custom job cards, either standard for your business or for specific job types.  Use keywords to add the elements of the job you would like to display and you can format it to replicate the look of your other documentation.
Third-party worksheets/workflow You can create a document to be issued to third parties, eg a customer satisfaction survey.
Financial Document Use templates to create a consistent look across all of your financial documents, eg invoice, quotation, etc. These can be set to automatically insert relevant information using keywords.
Alerts When creating an alert you have the option of using the standard message or selecting your own template with the appropriate usage. Ensure that the template you create is appropriate for the format you intend to use, whether SMS, email or PDF, eg a brief SMS to a customer with an engineer’s eta.
Frequent emails Where the same email is regularly issued to customers, eg issuing a job card upon job completion, you can create a template email that accompanies it.  If you use this in conjunction with automatic document sending, this makes this a personalised, no-touch process.