Using Formula Types for Templates

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Formula types allow you to further customise the templates you are creating, for example using Format and Date Operation.

  • Navigate to:[Top menu]Profile (icon)Admin Settings[Quick links menu] Templates [Button] Insert Keyword → [tab] Miscellaneous → [Section] Miscellaneous → Formula 



Format allows you to decide the preferred format of a specific field. For example, you could create duplicate Templates using region-specific ways of expressing the date:



Date operation allows you to use any Keyword date field, eg Current date, Due date, Invoice date, to create a new date or time to display, depending on your selection from the available options:


For example, you could create a formula that displays a date 3 days prior to the Contract start date, by which time all agreed stock would be available in your warehouse:


When using Conditions in a formula, please note the following  Key to the mathematical symbols: