Sub templates

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New Development: Sub-templates

You can now create a template that will appear as a result of conditional branching.

For example, if the parent template is set-up to display job information, the child template can be set-up to display stock movement, and will get repeated once per stock item moved for the job.

Please note that sub-templates work with:

  1. Worksheet answers
  2. Financial doc line items
  3. Stock movement

You will see that 16 new keywords have been created for use in sub-templates. 

Some keywords require the use of a sub-template. A sub-template can be used to pull through further documentation, all worksheet questions and answers, financial line items in a specific order and stock items used or planned against a job.

To add a sub-template to a template, you will need to create it first.

  • Navigate to:[Top menu]Profile (icon)Admin SettingsAccountTemplateAdd or open Microsoft Word.

Create your template as you wish and then click Save.

If you have created it with Microsoft Word, upload it to your site but do not add any usage to it.

Then you will need to insert it as a sub-template.

  1. Open the template which you want to add a sub-template to.
  2. Once the Template pop-up is open, click on Insert a keyword.

Sub templates 1.png

3. A new pop-up will open. Navigate to Miscellaneous Sub-template.

Sub templates 2.png

4. Choose your template in the dropdown menu.

Sub templates 3.png

5. Then select within the 5 options presented in the Items to repeat the sub template with menu:

               1 - Simple insert, doesn’t repeat

               2 - Job worksheet answers

               3 - Planned job stock.

               4 - Actual job stock movements.

               5 - Financial document line items

Click Add.

Your sub-template is now inserted, you can click Save.



Create sub-template for actual or planned stock movements

New sub-template for actual vs planned stock movements

When adding a sub-template, there is now the option to choose between ‘planned job stock’ and ‘actual job stock movements’.  Previously, stock and equipment keywords would not populate when items were used with movement on site and left at location; however, this new sub-template allows these fields to be displayed.

To add a sub-template and utilise the new options, navigate to: [Top menu]Profile (icon) Admin Settings Account side menu and click on Templates.

Either click to open an existing template or add a new one.  From the ‘Edit template’ pop-up, click on ‘Insert keyword’ and select ‘Sub template’ from the Miscellaneous section. The sub template options will now allow you to choose between planned job stock or actual movements.

  •  Navigate to:[Top menu]Profile (icon) Admin Settings Account side menu Templates