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Welcome to your personal email assistant from BigChange AI.

Let's face it: crafting emails can be a tedious, time-consuming task that drains hours from your workweek. Whether it's a follow-up, a thank-you note, or a gentle nudge about an overdue account, each email requires a thoughtful approach. But what if you could reclaim that time? What if you had a tool to understand your needs and draft the perfect email on your behalf?

Enter Draft My Email. With just a click of a button, this revolutionary feature transforms your brief notes into complete, professional emails. It's like having a personal email assistant that's always ready, consistently accurate, and incredibly intuitive.

draft my email 4.png

Draft My Email is designed to be flexible, understanding the nuances of tone, length, and context. This means you can customise each draft to suit your style or the specific needs of your communication.

Do you want it shorter? More formal? Need to start from scratch? BigChange AI is at your service, ready to adjust to your preferences.

The best part? You're always in the driver's seat. Draft My Email prepares your message but waits for your final approval. The email won't be sent until you decide it's perfect. Copy the text, make any tweaks you see fit, and only then send it off. It's that simple yet mighty.

This feature does not automatically send emails; you are still in complete control, allowing you to review, edit, and send your messages only when you are comfortable with the content.


Create an email

To start, compose a new email and select the 'Draft my email' button.

draft my email 12.png

In the popup window start typing to add some key points you would like the email to cover and then select the blue arrow to the right.

draft my email 1.png

This will then generate a reply suggestion.

draft my email 3.png

You now have the options to change the tone, length, rewrite the suggestion or copy the suggestion.

draft my email 8.png

To change the tone simply select the Neutral drop down box

draft my email 5.png

To change the legnth, simply select the Short dropdown box

draft my email 6.png

If your not happy with the generated reply, simply select rerwite and it will generate the email again.

draft my email 9.png

Once you are happy with the email suggestion you can select the 'Copy' button and then the X top right to close the suggestion window.

draft my email 13.png

You can now paste the email suggestion into your email template.