Nominal codes

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Does your navigation menu bar look like this? 

Read our Support article about changes we are making, New BigChange Navigation Bar – BigChange


To add and edit Nominal codes to BigChange navigate to: 

  • [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[side menu] Financial Nominal Codes


    7. Financials.png

    Nominal codes may be customised as required within JobWatch but if you are using a financial package, such as Sage, you will need to match its Nominal codes and descriptions:

    Financial - 173.png

    Complete the Code and Description fields, both of which are mandatory and click Save.

    Although Sage has it’s own named codes, providing that you bear in mind the organisational principles behind Sage, ie 4000’s for Sales, 5000’s for Purchase, etc, Sage Nominal Codes can be renamed.  This can be done in Sage, as follows:

    1. On the navigation bar click ‘Nominal codes’ then click the required nominal code.
    2. Click ‘Edit’ then change the ‘Name’.
    3. Click ‘Save’ then click ‘Close’.