Sending a Quotation

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Once you have created a Quotation it is time to send it to your Contact.

Click to select your Quotation and then click on the 'File' icon:

Financial - 34.png

A new popup will now open:

Financial - 35.png

  • Download - a pdf version of your Quotation will download and can be found at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Email - this will open a new popup allowing you to select a different Template or customise it if you wish before emailing the document to the client via the 'Send' icon:

Financial - 36.png

For more Template information, please read the separate Templates article.

Attach to Job - this allows you to add the document to the Attachments tab of a job.Β 

Please note that depending on where you are working in the system, this final option may not appear.