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BigChange allows you to automatically and seamlessly capture digital signatures and customise acceptance information, issuing a digital receipt when the document is signed.

Please be aware that there have been some updates to this feature. Settings can be accessed from the Financial documents & Sales Opps section in Administration by selecting the document in question. Documentation and videos will be updated shortly.

This article covers the following topics:

Below is a video that summarises functionality:



Step 1 - Creating Templates

To begin, we need to create 2 templates in the back office before we can enable the Quote Acceptance feature:

Template 1:Quotation - This includes the link to the recipient, allowing them to digitally sign a document.

Template 2:Quotation Receipt - This provides a receipt once the document has been signed.

  • Navigate to:[Top menu]Profile (icon)Admin Settings[Quick Links]TemplatesAdd


Template 1

Create the first Template in the usual way, by completing the mandatory 'Name' and 'Body' fields and any others you wish, including the addition of Keywords.

Please note, it is essential that you include the new Keyword 'Quote Accept Link', which can be found by clicking the 'Insert Keyword' button, moving across to the Financial Tab and then the Financial Section:


Clicking on the Quote Accept Link will open a popup window which gives you the option to either customise the text for the hyperlink or leave it empty and show the URL. We recommend that you set link text, as the URL which is created is not white labeled:


Here is an example of a completed Quotation Template: QA3.png and this is how it might appear to the recipient: QA4.png Once the Template has been saved it will appear in the Template list view.

Find your new template and click to open it.  As with all Templates, this one will not be effective until it is assigned a usage, so it is now an essential final step to move across to the Usage Tab, click the 'Add' icon and complete the popup window, as shown below: QA5.png


Template 2

Create a template in the usual way, by completing the mandatory 'Name' and 'Body' fields and any others you wish, including the addition of Keywords, where desired.  Here is an example of a Quotation Receipt Template:


Once it has been saved, repeat the Usage process, as in the example below:




Step 2 - Setting Up Quote Acceptance

  • Navigate to: [Top menu]Profile (icon) → Admin Settings[side menu]Financial Financial Documents & Sales Opportunities[Document Type] Quotation [icon] Edit

This will bring up the Quotation page. Click on the Quote Acceptance tab which you can now customise using a combination of free text and Keywords. In the example below, for instance, you will see that the Quote Accept button reads 'Proceed to signing' to assist the recipient in understanding how to proceed to the next stage of the acceptance process:


You will note that the terms and conditions field has been left blank because these will be presented to the recipient at a later stage.

When this has been completed and Saved, move across to the next tab 'Acceptance Capture & Receipt' and complete the new form:


  1. Enable the Acceptance Capture & Receipt function
  2. Select the name of Template 2 which you created as a receipt earlier
  3. Select recipients.  Ticking 'Fixed' will add a conditional field allowing you to add in specific email addresses
  4. Attribute an appropriate title to the Accept & Submit button
  5. Add custom fields as desired. This section allows you to make specific fields mandatory, ensure that only specific individuals with relevant authority are able to sign approval, and make agreements legally binding. Using the 'Required answers' feature means that you can control progress by forcing the signatory to give the answer you require in order to proceed QA10.png



Step 3 - Sending a Quote

Once a Quotation has been created, navigate as follows: CRM → [side menu] Financial  documents → select the document → [icon] File → Email 

Complete the email fields, ensuring that you select the Quotation Template (Template 1) you created earlier.

Once you are satisfied that your email is completed, click to send.  An example of the email which will be received can be seen below:

QA11.png Should you need advice on how to create a Quotation, please view the separate article.



Step 4 - Accepting a Quote

When the recipient clicks on the link to sign the Quote, they will be taken to a new window:

QA12.png Here they have:

  • a further opportunity to view the Quotation.
  • Should they wish to 'Reject the Quote, they will be asked to complete the Notes section shown above.
  • If they click to 'Proceed to Signing', an additional popup window will open:


Note, the recipient will not be able to proceed if either all mandatory fields are not completed, or the 'required answers' are not given. Additionally, if the email address input here is different from the one to which it was sent, a popup will open asking them to confirm whether or not they have the authority to act as a signatory.



Step 5 - Receipt & Logging

Once the 'Accept & Sign' button has been clicked, the Quotation Receipt will be sent out to the person who signed the document, the original recipient if different and to anyone else who was cc'd in:


If the User now looks at the Quotation in their Financial Documents, or in their Contacts, they will see that the documents have been automatically added to their Attachments Tab:


These documents cannot be deleted to ensure the preservation of the audit trail. Additionally, the Activity tab will display all activity information relating to the Quotation being created, sent and accepted, providing total, end-to-end traceability: