Adding an Alert to a Financial Document

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It is possible to create an Alert on a Financial document in instances where the document is attached to a job.  Whilst the example we are going to look at below relates to Quotations, you will see that there are a number of other options relating to Financial Documents and you can set them up by following the same process.

Click on the (1) Alert tab on the top menu and then on the (2) 'Create a new alert' icon:

2. Financials.png

A new popup window will now have opened.  In the first field, entitled 'Who', click on the dropdown menu and look at the bottom section of options, which relate to Jobs. 

Here you can set up an Alert relating to Jobs on either a very specific, granular level, eg a specific Job number; on a more generalised level, eg all jobs for a single Contact or Job Type; or as a general rule, ie all Jobs:

Financial - 40.png For example purposes, if you wish to set up an Alert informing your Sales team as soon as a Quotation is accepted, this is the process you would follow:

  1. Select 'Any Job' in the first 'Who' field.
  2. In the 'What' field, which will now have appeared,  select 'Has its client status changed to...':Financial - 41.png
  3. There are now 3 options relating to Quotations. Select 'Quotation Accepted'.Financial - 42.png
  4. Next, select the recipient(s) of the Alert and the method of receiving it eg SMS, email, etc.  The person(s) can be chosen from a dropdown list that appears when you begin typing, or input manually through adding in freehand a phone number or email address.  Please note that when inputting a phone number it must follow the method for adding international numbers ie +, country code (44 for the UK), phone number without the first 0 eg +447809686548.
  5. The fields which appear under 'Review or edit the message that will be sent' are conditional, depending upon the delivery method(s)you selected in the previous step: Financial - 43.pngIf sending an emailed Alert, you can select the (1) subject title and (2) body of the email.  The text element of these can be customised freehand. If you have created Template Alerts (Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[side menu] → Account Templates) these will appear in a dropdown list (3) if you would prefer to use one. As I have also opted for an SMS message in the example, there is also the option to use a custom Alert Template which has the additional Usage option of SMS (4).
  6. Click to Save.  You will now see your new Alert in your Alerts Programmed list: 

3. Financials.png