Automatic Document Sending

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BigChange allows you to decide both the method by which, and at what point in a job, you wish different types of Financial Documents to be sent out, eg by email when a job is Completed. However, it also allows for a delay in sending, even when that point in the Job is reached, in order to ensure that all relevant data has been uploaded and received prior to sending.

 As a default, this delay auto-populates at 10 minutes but it can be adjusted as desired, to a maximum of 999 minutes.  Where a third party accounting system is in place, automatic document sending for invoices will be delayed until synching has occurred and the reference number has been updated.

To adjust the delay period:

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[side menu] → Schedule Job TypesAdd/Edit → [tab] Documents:

Financial - 37.png   Financial - 38.png

  1. Select Financial Document
  2. Choose which financial document template is to be used. New Templates can be added by navigating [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[Quick links menu]Templates. Once the Template is saved, go back in and click on the Usage tab and select Financial Documents, remembering to set it as PDF.  It will now appear in your drop-down list.
  3. This is a conditional field that appears depending upon which Document type is selected in 2.
  4. Select the desired format of the document from a choice of PDF, Excel, Word or Image.
  5. Specify whether the document should be sent only when the job is for a specific group or for any group.
  6. Choose at what point the document is sent eg when the job is Created, Completed, etc and whether you would still wish it to be sent when the job is Completed with Issues.
  7. Choose the time delay before a document is sent up to a maximum of 999 minutes.
  8. Choose whether the document is sent via email or is attached to the job.
  9. Enter the email address which is used to send the document automatically.
  10. Choose how the receipt of the document is selected eg to the Primary Person at the contact or to a Person in a specific department eg accounts.
  11. This allows you to direct the document to a Person at the Parent contact, rather than to personnel at the Child contact.
  12. BCC (blind copy) recipients in if required.
  13. Edit the subject of the email to which the document is attached.
  14. Choose an email template to which the document is attached. (These are created in [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[Quick links menu]Templates)

For further information, please read the Automatic Document Sending article.