Sage Automation Steps

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Once the initial setup is completed (Contact Support to set up the link), the automation broadly runs in the way explained below. Settings can be edited depending upon your needs, which will be discussed at the point of setting up the Sage link. Where the information is displayed, as well as the specific information displayed, may differ depending on what you have requested in set up.

  1. An invoice will be created in JobWatch.
  2. If you need the references for the invoice to match in JobWatch and Sage, the invoice will be locked, blocking users from downloading, sending, or editing the invoice. JobWatch is asking Sage for the next available reference number and this acts as a safeguard, preventing changes being made to the invoice prior to receipt of this information and preventing an invoice from going out with the wrong reference on it.
  3. If users do not want matching referencesΒ when the invoice is created the link will poll JobWatch for new invoices which have not been synced and transfer them over to Sage.
  4. When the invoice is sent, it can update the ledgers directly ie if a mistake is made, a credit must be raised in JobWatch. The alternative is to set the invoices and credits to be sent to the invoices and credits page
  5. Here they can be edited before updating the ledgers.

For additional information on Sage, please read the separate article.