Change Line Item Quantities En Masse

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BigChange offers a feature that allows users to manage multiple line item quantities simultaneously. This guide will walk you through the process of changing, increasing, decreasing, multiplying, or dividing the quantities of selected line items en masse.

  • Navigate to [Top menu] CRM > [Side menu] Financial Documents
  • Open the financial document you want to change the item quanty for

Selecting Multiple Line Items

To begin, you need to select more than one line item. Once you have selected the line items you wish to manage, press the 'Selected items...' icon. This will open a menu with various options.

change qty1.png

Changing Quantities

In the 'Selected items...' menu, you will find an option labelled 'Quantities'. This option allows you to change the quantity of the selected line items. You can either input a new quantity or adjust the existing quantity by a certain factor.

change qty2.png

Increasing or Decreasing Quantities

The 'Quantities' option also allows you to increase or decrease the quantity of the selected line items by a certain factor. This can be useful when you need to adjust the quantities of multiple line items in response to changes in demand or supply.

Multiplying or Dividing Quantities

In addition to changing, increasing, or decreasing quantities, the 'Quantities' option also allows you to multiply or divide the quantities of the selected line items. This can be particularly useful when dealing with bulk orders or large-scale projects.


The ability to manage line item quantities en masse is a powerful feature of BigChange. It allows for efficient and effective management of inventory, particularly in situations where large quantities of items are involved. Remember to utilise the 'Quantities' option under the 'Selected items...' menu to make these changes.