Linking to Financial Packages

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To view the various CSV files which are designed to be imported into financial packages, navigate: CRM → [side menu] Financial Documents → icon Export CSV

Financial - 183.png

  1. Standard formatting – the BigChange default export.
  2. Sage Formatting – Designed to be mapped to Sage’s requirements.
  3. Sage formatting – line items – Every line item in the selection is separated for invoicing into separate rows on the export.
  4. Xero – This csv export is mapped to Xero’s standard requirements.
  5. Xero (with tracking value) -This code creates a Xero output, but uses the department code as a tracking category.
  6. Xero (with expanded lines) – allows you to create multiple Xero invoices from a single JobWatch invoice where there are multiple line items.
  7. Quickbooks – This csv is mapped to Quickbooks’ standard requirements.
  8. Exchequer –  – csv reports are designed to import Sales invoices and credits.
  9. Exchequer – Purchase Order – csv reports are designed to import Purchase Order data.
  10. MYOB Account Right – Designed specifically to import invoices into MYOB Account Right.
  11. BRB – invoices – The output created two files which can be imported into the BRB software.
  12. Tradex – invoices – This output creates a CSV which is used to export data into Tradex.

Automation with Sage*

  • Nominal Codes and Tax Codes are created in JobWatch as part of the initial setup during the implementation process.
  • You can post direct to the ledger accounts in Sage; these will be imported as S1 invoices.
  • You can create detailed invoices which will sync the invoice with all line item descriptions. These do not post direct to ledger but instead, are imported as Service Invoices (Srv Invoices under Invoices and Credits), where you can update your ledgers as required.
  • The Import tool allows you to post to the Contact’s Parent Account. This is an optional setting.
  • To enable successful syncing of invoices, Customer Records/Accounts must be added to both JobWatch and Sage with a unique account reference.
  • JobWatch and our Integration Partner both have access to the Import Tool settings and are able to provide support on this if required, once setup is complete.
  • Settings are restricted to specific users to reduce unnecessary changes being made.

* Automated Sage synchronisation is an additional, chargeable feature.