On Stop Accounts

  • Updated

This feature prevents jobs from being created against a contact which has been designated as ‘on stop’ and stops financial documents from being raised (the specific financial documents can be changed in the administration, see below).

Financial - 167.png

In the example below (1) On stop has been ticked and (2) Apply to sub-contacts

Financial - 168.png

  • If you then click on to the (1) Financial tab ➔ (2) Terms the remainder of the form can be completed with special notice given to setting the (3) Credit limit, (4) On stop and whether it will (5) Apply to sub-contacts and (7) Default payment terms. 

If (5) is ticked “Yes” then two additional field boxes (6) will appear:

  •  Descendants – which descendants you wish it to apply to with options being either Immediate (children) or All (children, grandchildren, etc)
  • Control Type – with options being unique or shared credit capacity

Financial - 169.png

When the process is complete a red banner (1) will appear across the top to advise that the contact has been put On Stop, when and by whom.  It will also show (2) the ‘On stop reason’ as in the example below:

Financial - 170.png

Contacts On Stop can additionally have varying restrictions as dictated by your selection in  Account Settings. Navigate Administration Account Account settings and then scroll down to find the new section shown below:

Financial - 171.png

Please note, if a credit note is raised against the contact, or an invoice is paid which reduces the account deficit to below the Contact’s credit limit, the account status will automatically change and the On Stop function will be deactivated.