Consolidating Invoicing

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 Invoices raised against the same Parent contact, or to one specific contact, which have not yet been sent can be consolidated into one invoice document. This enables invoicing of jobs for a given time period rather than for specific jobs.

6. Financials.png

  1. Click CRM
  2. Click Financial Documents
  3. Set the required date range
  4. Set the Document Type to Invoice.
  5. Set the Status to Not Sent or a popup reminder will open:Financial - 69.png
  6. Choose the contact or parent contact.
  7. Select whether you wish to include sub contacts, and or filter by job types the invoices were created against.
  8. Once the list displayed is correct, click the Consolidate icon.  Financial - 70.png
  9. A new popup window will now open Financial - 72.png
  10. From the popup box which appears (above), select one of the three options available.  The first option is to copy over each individual line from each invoice onto the new consolidated invoice.
  11. The second is to simply list a total from each invoice as line items on the consolidated invoice. Using this option, the individual lines will not be viewable.
  12. This option emails the consolidated invoice direct to the Contact.
  13. Click Ok.

From the 'Create financial doc' popup, check the line items are displayed as required. Financial - 73.png The 'Reference' field should be left blank, as this will auto-populate. Reference prefixes can be customised by clicking:

  • [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[side menu] Financial Financial Documents & Sales Opps → Document type → Reference Prefix).

Fill in details such as the bank account and the payment terms If required. (These are set up in [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings → [side menu]Financial) Click Save.

Please note, if your JobWatch system has been configured to be generated by an external package, such as Sage, then the prefixes may be pre-determined.

The original documents are then cancelled to avoid duplication and the new consolidated invoice is created. To identify invoices which are cancelled easily, they are highlighted in grey (as shown below):

Financial - 74.png

If a user clicks on a cancelled invoice at a later date, they will now be able to view the red banner which advises them that the document was cancelled and the date on which the cancellation took place.

Financial - 75.png

 Although the example given is for invoices, you can follow the same process to consolidate other documents which are unsent and for the same Contact.