Predefined invoicing items sets

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Where you know that a certain type of job requires the same items of stock or equipment, you can also create a Predefined Invoice Items' Set which acts as a shortcut, adding them to financial documents and jobs in one simple click.  To set these up:

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings [side menu] Financial → Predefined invoice items' set

Financial - 63.png

When creating a Predefined Invoicing Item ([Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings [side menu] Financials → Predefined Invoicing Item) you can then select the set(s) to which you wish the item to belong:

Financial - 64.png

Financial - 65.png List View


You can see in the list view that an item can belong to multiple sets. In addition to this Sets can have multiple quantities of the same item.

Double click on a set within the Predefined Invoicing Item to change the quantity of this item. In the example below, we have determined there will be 4 of the Item: 'Design of Bathroom' in the set: Bathroom Installation - Large.

Financial - 66.png

Choose Quantity


When creating a financial document, users can choose to add an individual Predefined Invoice Item or add a Predefined Invoice Item set. Items can be removed from a set within the financial document if not required, without affecting the set for future transactions. Financial - 67.png

The Import feature also includes 3 columns representing this feature, ‘Group’, 'Set' and 'Quantity'. Please note that this only allows for the importing of one set name for each item at a time.


Predefined invoicing items can also be linked to a Worksheet, adding them automatically to any job where the predefined invoice item is deployed.

Note that these items can then be used as Booking Site options when the Booking site field is ticked.