End Invoice Period Early

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When required it is possible to edit recurrences that apply to the current invoicing period. However, please be aware that these amendments will result in the creation of an entirely separate series of documents that will be inserted between the current and forthcoming periods, detached from previous invoices raised against this contract.  For example:


We have a contract that produces 1 invoice per month, that ends after 12 invoices have been produced
After the 6th invoice has been produced, we edit the recurrence which produces a new invoicing period.


The second invoicing period that has been created will still produce 1 invoice per month, and still end after 12 occurrences have been produced (so you will have 6 from the first period, and 12 from the second period – 18 invoices in total) UNLESS the user changes the second period to end after 6 to take into account the 6 that were produced by the first period.

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Users can update the start dates of future invoicing periods, following the change in recurrence.

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