Invoice Jobs Against Contract that are Planned or Due in a Period

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The Jobs Filters field allows you to select from a single, dropdown menu.  Options are:

  • All jobs planned between invoices‘ – this will include all jobs with a planned start date which falls between the defined date parameters. Where jobs are rescheduled, the most recent date will be used.  It will also include instances where a job’s resource is changed but the date remains scheduled.
  • All jobs due between invoices’ – this will include all jobs due for completion between the defined dates.  This will exclude any jobs without a scheduled completion date but will include any which have a time constraint which would fall within this invoicing period.
  • All jobs completed between invoices’ – all jobs completed after the last invoice was issued, useful for ad hoc job scheduling.
  • All jobs created between invoices’ – all jobs which have been created since the last invoice was issued

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Please note, when selecting these methods, additional precautions should be taken.  A job can have several planned/due dates and where changes occur after an invoicing period has taken place, care should be taken to avoid double-invoicing.