Aggregated Invoicing

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Since we know that contracts vary hugely, we have tried to enable different invoicing options for our customers to allow you to satisfy your own customers’ requirements and cashflow. 

This method of invoicing allows you to create line items for jobs,  charged against contracts,  from which invoices can automatically be created periodically and which determine that period’s invoice value.

Financial - 137.png

When this invoicing method is selected, jobs are added which then create the line items.  The financial values of the line items then populate the details page of the contract and are totalled to create a contract value. 

This total is divided by the frequency of invoices produced and the contract duration, to produce a periodic invoice value.

For example, if:

  • Contract value (total of jobs’ line items) = £70,000
  • Invoice frequency = monthly
  • Contract period = 36 months

The equation would be £70,000 ÷ 36 (ie 1 × 36) resulting in an invoice value of £1944/month.

If 2 additional jobs are added at £1000 each, in month 34 (ie with £3888 as the current cost of the last 2 remaining months of the above example),  the result would be:

( £3888 + £2000 =) £5,888 ÷ 2 = £2944/month.