Contract - Send All

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The ‘Send All’ button is a fantastic time-saver, allowing you to issue large numbers of Financial documents in a single click. 

  • Simply navigate: CRM → [side menu] Financial Documents

and select either the Documents or Contracts tab.  Use the filters to display the list of documents you wish to send and then click the Send all button.

8. Financials.png

A new popup window will open allowing you to either create a template appropriate to the type of document which you are sending or else select a pre-existing template which you have already created. 

You can also add any further attachments or images where desired.

Financial - 139.png

Complete by pressing Send.  Be assured that no documents marked ‘pending’, ‘rejected’ or ‘cancelled’ will be included in the mailed documents.

The process outlined above is true wherever else the Send all function is available, eg Sales opportunities.