Expense setting in Admin Settings

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Before Resources can start claiming expenses, Groups and Categories need to be created in the back office. ‘Groups’ act as digital folder headings for different types of expenses eg ‘Travel’, ‘Subsistence’, etc, whilst ‘Categories’ act as sub-folders which sit within the various ‘Groups’, eg uber, train, bus would be Categories within the Group ‘Travel’.

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon)Admin Settings[side menu] → Financials → Expense Categories → Add. This will open a new popup window, ‘Expense Categories’:

Financial - 140.png

Financial - 141.png

  • Enter a Group eg Accommodation
  • Enter a Category eg Hotel
  • Enter a default Nominal Code
  • Enter a default VAT amount eg 20%
  • If required, enter a default cost eg a toll road on a motorway
  • If you want the amount to remain fixed, leave this box unticked, however if you want Resources to be able to change it eg if there was a price change on the toll road, tick this box.
  • If the expense category or group is fuel, ticking the checkbox ‘Is fuel’ will result in a conditional field appearing, asking the user to enter the quantity of fuel.