Processing Expenses

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Expenses can be reconciled individually by navigating: Fleet and Resources → [side menu] Resources → the individual’s name → View.  Then click on the Expenses tab:Financial - 151.png

Each expense is then listed, allowing you to click on it to view/edit:

Financial - 152.png

Only Users with the relevant back office permissions are able to approve, query or reject payments:

Financial - 153.png

Changing the status, eg approving it, also changes the colour icon next to each item:

Financial - 154.png

If you wish to approve all of the Expenses en masse, this can be achieved by clicking on the ‘Mark All’ icon:

Financial - 155.png

To effect wider reporting and reconciliation of Expenses, you can use the ‘Expenses Report’ in the Reports tab:

9. Financials.png

Use the filters on the Display side menu to tailor the report as required, for example you could isolate a single, Resource, Team or month:

Financial - 157.png

Use the Export side menu to determine which method of export you wish to use:

Financial - 158.png

Use the Schedule side menu to automatically run and send the report in your desired format:

Financial - 159.png