Ownership of Expenses and Adding an Expense in the Back Office

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It is important to maintain an auditable trail when dealing with expenses and part of that is showing the authorisation process.  It is possible to identify the last person to change the status of each expense as follows:

Expenses can be added from a device as we have seen, but it is also possible to add one from the website, Navigate: Fleet & resources → Resources (side menu) → Filter (Name of resource) → View

Now click on the Expenses tab. Add an expense:

Financial - 160.png

You will see that there is a Status date with the date stamp next to it.  If you now close it and click to edit:

Financial - 161.png

You will see that a time has now been added to the ‘Status date’ field and an ‘Owner’ field created below it to show the last person to have opened it:

Financial - 162.png

The ‘Owner’ will be the person who last made a status change to the expense item.