One-Click Sync for All Financial Documents

  • Updated

Within the financial documents list, you will see a "Sync All" icon. This powerful tool uses the filtered list of documents, and marks all of them ready to sync, with your financial package (Sage and Xero).


For customers who generate invoices regularly, due to contracts, or recurring patterns, the end of the month no longer means a time-consuming task of sending each invoice individually to your financial package.

This mass action is set to save significant time for your financial teams.

To be able to sync all documents, you will need to apply the following filters:

  • The “Document type” filter can only include Invoices, Credit Notes and Purchase Orders.
  • The “State” filter must be set to “Not cancelled”
  • The “Sync status” filter must be set to “Awaiting sync”


If any of the above filters are not selected, a popup message will appear, highlighting to you to which filter(s) are missing.


Upon selecting the option, a popup message will appear, confirming the number of documents you're about to sync.


If there are an issue with any financial document(s) being synced, a popup message will appear, stating the affected documents and reason. Documents with errors, or those not yet approved won't be synced until they're manually fixed, or approved, ensuring a smooth integration process.