Contact Synchronisation - Xero to BigChange

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When synchronising from Xero to BigChange please ensure that: 

  • The contact record is assigned an account number  
  • The contact record is assigned a postal address  
  • The settings have been modified to include a default group

Contact Groups

  • There is no equivalent to BigChange groups within Xero contact records.  When a record is created in Xero, the contact record applies the default group that is defined in the user settings.   
  • Where a contact record already exists, the contact group is not considered, instead, the software reads the account number from Xero and updates the associated contact record within BigChange.

Creating a Contact Record

To create a new record in Xero:

  1. Log in and navigate to: Contacts → All Contacts
  2. Select 'Add contact' and populate the fields, ensuring that there are unique entries for (a) contact name and (b) the account reference.  You must also ensure that the postal address field is completed.
  3. Populate the primary person, phone and ensure that you enter a single, valid email address in the relevant field
  4. Where a field is invalid or not unique, an error message will be displayed to prevent you from saving the information:Xero18.png
  5. Once a record is saved, the corresponding record will be created/updated within BigChange
  6. Depending on the option selected during setup, the account reference will update the contact reference.

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