Creating a New Invoice, Credit Note or Purchase Order

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Using an invoice as an example document, begin by:

  • Navigating to: CRM → [side menu] Financial → [icon] New financial document

Populate the form, including a valid stock, account code, tracking categories and tax codes.  When all of the relevant information has been added, click to Save. JobWatch will have automatically allocated a Reference number where this was selected in Administration.

Once the document has been approved, mark it as sent and refresh your page.  After a short period, a blue tick will appear in the 'Synced' column to confirm that it has now synchronised within Xero.

Xero21.png You will also notice that the original invoice number assigned within JobWatch will be over-written with a new invoice number assigned by Xero.  Where you have automatic document sending in place, you may wish to add in a 60-minute delay to ensure that reference numbering is consistently applied.

Although the invoice reference number will be overwritten, the order number, whether from Job Group or Job, will appear in the Reference field within Xero to allow additional traceability: Within JobWatch:

Xero22.png Within Xero: Xero23.png If any of the required fields are missing information from the document, you will receive a default error message when the screen refreshes: Xero24.png Go to the Notes tab and view the contact error for the invoice: Xero25.png Click on the relevant note and press to Edit. You will now be able to see precisely what remedial action you need to take in order to successfully process the entry: Xero26.png Amend the document in the required manner, ie in the above example, we would need to add an invoice description line and then synchronise the invoice. Once the error has been corrected and the invoice or other financial document has been successfully synced, complete the Note to show that the issue has been resolved.