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Payments can only be synchronised from JobWatch to Xero and will be drawn from either the default bank account added in the setup screen or one specified on the invoice.

To record a payment:

  • Navigate to: CRM → [side menu] Financial documents → select document →[icon] Mark paid:

Xero28.png or from the invoice itself. 

  • Navigate to: CRM → [side menu] Financial documents → select document → Edit → (1) Payments → (2) Add → (3) Complete popup form


Where payment is to be made in a foreign currency, the Xero invoice which is generated from the payment will show the currency exchange rate against which it was made, as well as the usual payment details.

Payments cannot be made against invoices which have not already been synchronised with Xero, since they don't exist on the Xero system.  Attempting to pay them will, therefore, result in an error note.  This is also true:

  • when an invoice has not been marked as 'authorised'.
  • when a payment exceeds the value of the invoice.
  • if a payment currency does not match either:
    • the invoice currency or
    • the standard currency of your company

A fully synchronised invoice will display in this way within JobWatch:

Xero30.png and this way within Xero: Xero31.png Whilst a payment cannot exceed an invoice value, it can be paid for values below the total, meaning that making one or more part payments is possible up to a total value of the invoice. 

Part payments can be viewed in the Payments tab of the invoice: Xero32.png