BigChange Pay and BlueSnap

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At BigChange we are always looking for the best in field way of delivering functionality to our customers and so we are delighted to announce a new BigChange partnership with BlueSnap to bring you BigChange Pay.

This new, All-in-One payment platform offers your customers a fast and convenient way to pay, simplifying payment collection and improving your cash flow.


Features and Benefits of the BlueSnap and BigChange partnership

Supported Payment Methods

BigChange Pay can accept payment by:

  • Credit Card: Visa | MasterCard |Discover |American Express
  • Debit Cards


Coming Soon...

  • Mobile Wallet: ApplePay | Google Pay | PayPal
  • ACH | SEPA | local bank transfer


Stored Credential Transactions

  • Vaulted Shopper: Visa | MasterCard | American Express


Integrated Functionality

  • Prebuilt into BigChange Pay: Chargeback Management | Fraud Detection | Detailed Reporting



Getting Started

Creating an Account

First, you will need register with our partner Bluesnap, and create an account.

Navigate to:[Top menu]Profile (icon)Admin SettingsAdmin SettingsFinancial Online payments.

Then click on Sign up to BigChange Pay.


You will be redirected to a new page to create an account.

Click on Start application.


Fill in the different forms on each page and click on Continue.








After adding your bank account details, click again on Continue. Then you will be able to review your details. Make sure they are correct and then click on Agree and Submit to sign the BlueSnap agreement.


Once you’ve submitted it, your application will be reviewed by Bluesnap directly.

You can check if your application is still pending or approved by going back to the Online payments page.




Using BigChange Pay

Adding your BlueSnap Account to the BigChange System

To add your new account to the BigChange system:

  • Navigate to:[Top menu]Profile (icon)Admin Settings → [side menu] Finance Online payment

1. BigChange Pay and BlueSnap.PNG

and then add your credentials in the appropriate fields:


Note: The BlueSnap URL for a SandBox account is when you change to a BlueSnap Live account, you need to change this setting to ‘.

BlueSnap auth is your BlueSnap API credentials Username, followed by a colon and your BlueSnap API password, eg API_16263644994081046305379:BigChange1

PayBlue13.png Sample API Credentials



Sending a Payment Link

Now that you are set up with both BlueSnap and BigChange, you can begin to accept payments by generating a link that your customers can use to pay you.

1. First, open your customer's contact in your CRM and click on the Financial tab


2. Next,  from the list view, select the invoice which you are seeking payment for and click Edit:


3. Select the Payments tab in the new window and click on the icon Online payment.


4. A new popup will now have opened, displaying 3 options.  We will look at the 2nd and 3rd options in succeeding sections but for now, click the Online payment link:


5. A confirmation popup will now appear, advising that a link has been created and copied to your clipboard for you to send out using your preferred method.




Using a Template

If desired, this link can be used in conjunction with a template so that this can immediately be sent out to the customer. Simply create the template, click on the (1) click on this link text and use the (2) link icon to paste in the link from the clipboard into the (3) To what URL should this link go? field, before pressing (4) Insert Link.


Once saved, don't forget to reopen your template and add usages...


and to select your template from the dropdown menu when issuing the invoice:




Payment by the Customer

Once you have sent your payment request, the customer will then receive it, including a hyperlink, as in the example email below:


When the customer clicks on the link, they will be taken to your Booking Site where they can add their payment details before clicking on the Pay now button.

PayBlue23.png Sample Booking Site form


A printable receipt will now be displayed:


Sample receipt



Pre-authorised Payments

A Pre-authorisation is the temporary ringfencing of a specific amount of the available balance on a credit or debit card. The pre-authorisation is not a charge and no funds will be debited from the account until the transaction is completed. To set this up, follow steps 1-3 in the Sending a Payment link section above. On step 4, select Pre-authorise


A popup will now open with the Gross amount and VAT fields prepopulated with information from the invoice.  Complete the other fields and click the Save icon.

PleaseNote: if you tick the checkbox in the Save this card for future use field, you will then have the option to save it for a specific Person at the Contact, either selecting from the dropdown menu or by using the + icon to add someone new.


This will ensure that the sum shown is held in reserve by the bank and deducted from the available spending balance available to the account holder.

This will now show in the list view on the Payments tab:


When you are ready to collect the money, click on the Pre-authorised payment and a new popup will open, Collect, with the amount pre-populated, although it can be amended.


Click to Save.

Pre Authorisation will only reserve the amount for a fixed time and varies

between 7 days - 1 month, depending on the Card supplier.




Take a Payment

To take a payment, follow steps 1-3 in the Sending a Payment link section above.  In step 4, select Take a payment


and complete the rest of the form where the New credit card option is selected. PleaseNote: As with the Pre-authorisation option, if you tick the checkbox in the Save this card for future use field, you will then have the option to save it for a specific Person at the Contact, either selecting from the dropdown menu or by using the + icon to add someone new.


It is important to note that the full details are not saved in BigChange, they are stored on the Financial servers of BlueSnap.

  Where the Saved credit card option is selected, choose the desired option from the dropdown menu:


Note that for security reasons, only the last 4 digits of the credit card number are displayed and the Security Code needs to be manually input each time the card is used.

Finally, click on the Save icon to take the payment.




BigChange Pay and BlueSnap