Judo Pay

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Judo pay is a secure electronic method of taking online payments seamlessly integrated with JobWatch.

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Judo Pay contact

Initially, the JobWatch user must approach Judo Pay as below to arrange an account and be provided with the Judo link and agree associated fees. Contact:


JobWatch Settings

Once Judo have provided the JobWatch customer detail, follow this route to apply the settings :- [Top menu]Profile (icon)Admin Settings Account Account Settings Financial Online Payments In financial, the following cells must be completed:



Online Payments

There are two options now available to use to collect online payments

1. judo pay will provide a web link associated with a virtual card payment terminal to use. A user name and password is required to gain access but is easily set up. Once payment is approved, the JobWatch user receives email notification of payment and also has the option to add additional email addresses for confirmation.  Once the confirmation is received, the Jobwatch user simply locate the invoice in CRM then Financial and click Mark paid.




2. The JobWatch user can provide the customer with a weblink to make an online payment. This option can be found in the payments tab of an invoice record as below. To access the link, click on the invoice line in the Financial section of CRM and click edit.  The invoice record will open and click on the Payments tab. Click on the Online Payment wand and then click the Online payment option shown below.



The following alert shown below will immediately appear explaining a weblink can now be sent by email to the customer:



Example weblink: https://booking.bigchange.com/pay/a7fd1788-dd3b-4bdc-9f3e-8da7aa2cc9ea/893205/187/12328

Once a payment is made using the link, the invoice record is automatically updated and marked paid.



Judo account holders

New options for Judo account holders

Please note that these new options only apply to customers with a linked Judo account.

Within the financial documents section (CRM tab Financial Documents side menu), you will now find that if you open an invoice, the payment tab will now allow you to:

  • Pay with a new credit card
  • Save card details and re-use them for next transactions
  • Refund a payment
  • Do a pre-authorisation (valid for 3 days)
  • Collect a pre-authorisation