BigChange Pay On Mobile

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BigChange is excited to announce the introduction of BigChange Pay on Mobile, a new feature on the JobWatch Mobile App. This innovative functionality enables JobWatch users to handle their job-related finances more efficiently and process payments. 

When activated, this feature empowers your field resources to accept face-to-face payments and provide on-site receipts to customers upon job completion. Furthermore, invoices will be automatically marked as paid within BigChange, providing your accounting team with real-time visibility of all transactions. 


Getting started 



BigChange Pay early access needs to be enabled by BigChange, once it’s been enabled you can follow the next steps to setup your account. You will also require an integration with BlueSnap.


For more information on setting up BigChange Pay and BlueSnap please visit the following Help Centre article, BigChange Pay and BlueSnap.  

Once the setup and integration are complete, you will be able to enable BigChange Pay on mobile. 



Enable payment on your Job Types 

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → Schedule [side menu] → Job types 

select and edit the Job type you want to allow payment on Device settings Resources can take payment [checkbox] Save 

1. BigChange Pay On Mobile.png



Enable payment to be taken by named resources 

  • Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → Resources [side menu] → Job types

select and edit the resource(s) that you want to be able to take payment → Link to an existing web user [radio button] 

Blue pay mobile 2.png

Check the web user role has the following roles ticked: 

  • Resources – Can take payment on device
  • Financial – Can create and edit invoices

Navigate to: [Top menu] Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → Web Users [side menu] → Roles → select and edit the resource(s) that you want to be able to take payment.

Blue pay mobile 3.png

Blue pay mobile 4.png

  Please note, your resources may need to log out and log back into the JobWatch app for the changes to take effect.   



(only required for Android 5.23.0 and iOS 6.17.0 and above) 

  • Navigate to:[Top menu]Profile (icon) → Admin Settings → General account settings [Quick links menu]→ Jobs on Device

and select the following:

  • Resources can ask customer to sign remotely or share payment links (if enabled) via QR code.
  • Resources can ask customer to sign remotely or share payment links (if enabled) via SMS (sent from BigChange).
warning.png SMS are charged at £0.05+VAT per 160 character message. Messages over 160 characters will be sent as multiple SMS  
  • Resources can ask customer to sign remotely or share payment links (if enabled) via sharing link.

Blue pay mobile 5.jpg


Taking a payment on the device 

When a job has been started on a device, resources are then able to add predefined invoice items, check any line items have already been added and verify the job has job rates setup; these will populate a cost total.  

Blue pay mobile 6.png

 When the job is complete, a resource can tap “TAKE PAYMENT”  

Blue pay mobile 7.jpg

On the preview screen, resources are given the opportunity to check the line items are correct.  

Blue pay mobile 8.jpg

Tapping “SHARE PAYMENT LINK” will generate an invoice within the system. 

Blue pay mobile 9.jpg

By selecting a method to share the payment link, “QR code”, “Send SMS via JobWatch” or “Share”, the customer will be provided a URL link to a page where they can securely enter their payment details.  

  Please note, that the Android 5.23.0 and iOS 6.17.0 version and above, we’ve added new functionality to help users refresh the preview page and administration can determine what options they can share the payment links by.  


Blue pay mobile 10.jpg

Blue pay mobile 11.jpg

Once the customers has received the link, they can securely fill in their card details on the payment page, and select “Pay Now 

Blue pay mobile 12.png

Following payment, a receipt page will be displaced to the customer, to indicate the payment is complete.  

Blue pay mobile 13.png

  Hint.pngWhen an invoice has been paid on-site, the system will automatically mark the invoice as paid, providing your accounts team will real-time visibility of the payment taken.  


Blue pay mobile 14.png